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Low cost offices

Low cost offices

Build faster with steel

Steel is also extremely resistant to natural occurrences such as cyclones, snowstorms, earthquakes and floods. Steel framed buildings have been known to resist earthquakes of a magnitude up to 7.9 on the Richter scale and winds up to 350 km/h ! As water damage is the primary contaminant in a home after a flood, having components such as steel which do not promote mold growth lessens the proliferation of mold entering the home. By creating homes resistant to various environmental effects, they are able to thrive for centuries. Steel parts are pre-engineered to a specific design inside the manufacturing plant and are shipped out, ready to be erected. This speeds up construction time significantly, making it possible to complete large-scale projects in a matter of weeks.

Integrated Electric & Plumping System

Save time and money having your electric circuits and plumbing systems pre-installed. All you have to do is connect the main electric line, connect main water input and connect main waste output to sewage. Just plug and use !

Less than 60 days

In less than 60 days, your pre-fabricated office is built ! Easy to assemble and disassemble. Once shipped, our team of trained professionals will arrive 10 days in advance to prepare the on-site location and to debark materials.

Colours & Decor

Paint, interior & exterior decors are included in prices. There are thousands of textures and decor style to choose from. All materials are shipped along with your house. Furnitures can be purchased and shipped along with your pre-fabricated office.


You can enlarge your facility over time or add a few more floors. Steel pre-fabricated structures are expandable, easy to assemble or disassemble !

Healthy & Safe

Steel frame homes or offices do not require treatments to prevent mold, decay or insect infestation. They can't absorb moisture and therefore can't host any bacteria that would compromise your health.

Durable & Resistant

Our steel pre-fabricated homes & offices were tested and made to withstand harsh environments. It is highly durable & resistant to all types of weather conditions.


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Save money with steel

Innovation in steel production, combined with greater competition to meet rising steel demands, has brought steel prices lower than they've been in twenty years. According to theĀ American Institute of Steel Construction, "In 1980, 10 man-hours were required to produce a single ton of steel. Today that same ton of structural steel requires substantially less than a single man-hour." Thus, these cost savings can be passed on to the consumer.

The versatility of steel is unrivalled

Architects and designers like steel's ability to let their artistic imaginations run wild, while still having the ability to design and construct a building that is both safe and resilient.