01 Jun



Debarkation & Custom clearance

Your product has been shipped and it has arrived. It is time for paper works, you will be responsible to pay your taxes, clear customs and pay remaining amount due. However, do not worry, our professionals have arrived 10 days earlier to prepared you. The materials are then off-loaded on the site and your construction starts.

Time frame & Foundation

Note that our prices do not include your foundation. This is your responsibility and it is recommended to have it ready before your shipment arrives. Our on-site professionals can help you on the matter however it is recommitted to have it ready 15 - 20 days before they arrive.

Taxes & Applicable taxes

Note : If you purchased furniture that is integrated and shipped along with your home, you may not be taxed for it separately. Consult with a local representative on the matter, as it might save you big bucks !